Golden Opportunity Mentors

Information for Mentors:

All mentors have to attend the Annual Meeting for the year they mentor. We have an orientation on Sunday afternoon for Scholars and Mentors. They are invited to a reception on Sunday and luncheon on Tuesday. We like the mentors to tell the students what they do at the Annual Meetings and invite their scholars to attend a few sessions they may find relevant together.

After the Annual Meetings, we ask the mentors to stay in contact for at least one year. Email, phone calls, and skype would all be fine. Most students are not located near their mentors, so many would not actually see each other again during that year. The relationship depends completely on the student and mentor. Some really hit it off and have even gone to work for their mentor in grad school. Some students just bounce questions off their mentors as they’re graduating and need advice for grad school or job applications. 

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Chapman at or (608) 268-4951.


Mentors should:

  • Committ to making time for their mentee for at least the next 12 months.
  • Have access to their own network of professionals to help their mentee.
  • Enjoy teaching and working with undergraduate students.
  • Feel comfortable talking about their field and their own experiences getting to where they are.


For more guidance, check out "Nature's Guide for Mentors" published in a 2007 issue of Nature.